Amorphous Metal Injection Molding

Also known as amorphous metal casting, amorphous metal injection molding utilizes amorphous metal, or bulk metallic glass (BMG), to inject into a mold and cool quickly. This process creates superior, corrosion resistant and high strength ready-to-use parts.

Visser Precision’s engineers and support specialists are available to assist from concept to design for manufacturability (DFM) through this custom injection molding process. We offer full-scale production and will push the boundaries of possibility when presented with a challenge.

Once ejected from the mold, and following removal of gates, amorphous metal parts are fully dense and ready for use. A program may require additional post-processing steps on-site such as CNC machining and thermoplastic forming which are often used to better create both large and small volumes of amorphous metal parts.

Advantages of Amorphous Metal (Bulk Metallic Glass)

When amorphous metal, or bulk metallic glass (BMG), is cooled quickly, the result is a fluid-like atomic structure with no crystalline defects like dislocations (linear misalignments), planar defects (grain boundaries), vacancies (missing atoms) and interstitials (extra atoms).

  • Over twice the tensile strength as titanium
  • Superior corrosion resistance to stainless steel
  • High wear resistance
  • High strength and hardness of equivalent heat-treated tool steels
  • No abrupt property changes with decreasing temperatures (even cryogenic)
  • Able to undergo large amounts of elastic deformation
Amorphous Metal Injected Part

Advantages of Amorphous Metal Injection Molding

Amorphous metal injection molding gives Visser Precision the capability to manufacture complex geometries in large quantities using multi-cavitation tooling.

Amorphous Metal Casting Benefits

  • Parts come out of the mold in a usable state
  • Does not require expensive sintering or binder removal techniques
  • Capable of much higher geometry resolution and tolerances, due to being a hybrid of plastic injection molding and die-casting
  • Minimal shrinkage upon cooling
  • Small, complex parts would require extensive handling if made from traditional manufacturing techniques
  • Achieves CNC machined tolerances directly out of the mold
  • Reproduces mold surfaces exceptionally well, including mirror and textured finishes

Amorphous Metal Injection Molding Solutions

The aerospace, automotive, industrial and manufacturing fields turn to Visser Precision to fulfill amorphous metal casting needs. Visser Precision creates amorphous metal parts like:

  • Precision gears and gear systems
  • Mirrors
  • Flexible clamps
  • Medical instruments
  • Components designed for fragmentation
  • Flexures and springs

What Sets Visser Precision Apart in Amorphous Metal Casting

No manufacturing process is perfect for every application. To reach optimum value, Visser Precision’s amorphous metal designers exploit the unique material properties and optimize tool cavitation for all clients. Visser Precision works with partners from concept to prototype and through production to collectively establish the performance criteria that will make a program successful.

Visser Precision’s amorphous metal casting service is backed by an AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and on-site quality lab. In addition, Visser Precision is ITAR registered to meet the needs of more sensitive programs.

Amorphous Metal Casting Part

Start Your Amorphous Metal Injection Molding Project Today

Visser Precision is a reliable partner for amorphous metal injection molding projects of all shapes and sizes. If you are interested in starting a project with us, please contact us to talk to a Visser Precision team member today!

Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines

Visser Precision creates precision components using high-caliber amorphous metal casting machines, including:

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