Injection Molds & Tooling

Visser Precision creates injection molds and tooling for the plastic injection molding industry. Injection molds can be tested after machining in-house using our own mold press. By combining the experience and machines in our Mold Department with resources in Metal 3D Printing, Visser Precision is at the cutting edge of printing mold inserts with conformal cooling.

Whether it’s one mold or a package, Visser Precision’s experienced craftsmen take great pride in supplying customers with durable, custom tooling to get them up and running fast at competitive prices.

Injection Mold and Tooling Benefits

  • Enhanced thermal management
  • Reduced press cycle time
  • Improved part quality
  • Higher part-to-part consistency
  • Higher profitability

Injection Mold & Tooling Solutions

Visser Precision utilizes injection molds and tooling to solve challenges for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and manufacturing industries. Visser Precision provides a variety of injection mold and tooling services that help increase competitiveness, manufacturability and large-scale capabilities, including:

  • Rapid, single-cavity Class 105 prototype molds
  • Reliable, multi-cavity Class 101 hot manifold tools
  • Repairs
  • Engineering changes
  • Replacement inserts
  • Precision components to keep your legacy tools running
Injection Mold Tooling Part

What Sets Visser Precision Apart in Injection Molds & Tooling

Visser Precision provides advanced injection mold and tooling solutions to a wide variety of industries and seamlessly integrates a full spectrum of in-house capabilities, including:

  • Design Assistance
  • Engineering/Mold Flow Simulation
  • Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Inspection & Validation

Visser Precision’s team is ready to customize projects by optimizing and establishing the performance criteria to make each unique program successful. Visser Precision provides expertise from concept to prototype and through production, utilizing precision inspection tools and an on-site microscopy lab to ensure all parts are machined by the same high standards — maintaining consistency and predictability for customers. Learn more about Visser Precision’s quality standards.

Injection Mold

Start Your Injection Molding & Tooling Project Today

Visser Precision enjoys hearing about any potential injection mold and tooling project and is ready to work with clients to develop the process that will make it successful. Visser Precision is committed to remaining a responsive, reliable, and dedicated partner to meet all types of injection mold and tooling needs.

Visser Precision offers price quotes within minutes upon receiving a model. Please contact us with any questions or ideas!

Injection Mold & Tooling Equipment

Visser Precision utilizes industry-leading injection mold and tooling equipment. This in-house equipment, along with a dedication to passion, creativity, and innovation, allows Visser Precision to produce the highest quality results in every project.

Machine Type QTY X(mm) Y(mm) Z(mm)
Makino F5 Vertical Mill 3-axis 2 900 500 450
Makino V22 Vertical Mill 3-axis 1 450 475 200
DMG HSC75 5-axis 1 750 600 560
DMG HSC105 5-axis 1 1135 1050 750
DMG NVX5100 3-axis 1 1050 528 511
Makino EDAF3 Sinker EDM 1
Arburg Allrounder 520 E Mold Testing 1
Full manual machining, surface grinding, and injection mold assembly

Visser Precision’s injection molding press machines help test the machined injection molds and have the capability to produce plastic injection molded parts.

Moldex 3D Professional Software

Moldex 3D Professional is a software that performs mold flow simulations on any injection mold design. A mold flow simulation helps the team ensure that a mold will fill effectively and efficiently on the first attempt, replacing traditional design guesswork with an accurate computer simulation verification. While many mold shops have to outsource mold flow simulations, Visser Precision offers this service in-house.